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Water Damage Dayton

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Water damage is a terrible force that can destroy your home’s resale value and it must be treated immediately, which is why our water damage Dayton team from 911 Restoration of Miami Valley is available 24/7 ready to save your home from the pangs of mold and structural devastation. When we perform our water damage restoration services we do so responding within 45 minutes of every call because our water damage Dayton professionals know that getting to your home quickly is essential to preventing expensive. This is precisely why we offer same day service; because your plumbing and Mother Nature don’t work on a time schedule. We have over 35 years of experience performing the most comprehensive water extractions at an affordable price, regardless of the cause for your household flooding. Our certified water damage Dayton techs report that the majority of water damage causes stem from:

  • Pipe burst
  • Water heater leak
  • Toilet overflow
  • Roof leak
  • Rain storms
  • Tree roots growing into water main
  • Washer burst
  • Ruptured hoses
  • Fire sprinklers

We are licensed, insured and bonded to perform even the most advanced water cleanup jobs. In fact, our water damage Dayton experts even offer sewage backup services designed to clean up toxic black water spills  when pipe clogs or overflowing sewers cause your toilet to flood the home with bacteria enriched sludge. When disasters like this occur our water damage Dayton company speeds off to your home ready to restore the property donning full HAZMAT gear to prevent cross contamination to other parts of the home. After we disinfect the property we use the latest drying technology to prevent the need for our mold removal services that will be required when outdoor spores settle into damp parts of your home. Our water damage Dayton professionals are certified mold mitigation technicians who can expertly and quickly remove mold from your home and restore your property back to good health.

911 Restoration Miami Valley is proud to serve the city of Dayton and the surrounding communities by offering an exceptional class of restoration services while working with all insurance companies. When you have a pipe burst, a toilet overflow floods your bathroom, or you discover mold under your carpets, call the best water damage Dayton company today!

What is the Best Water Damage Company in Dayton?

The best water damage company in Dayton is 911 Restoration because our technicians are trained to do it all and our water damage Dayton teams are first in customer service. Furthermore, 911 Restoration even offers fire and smoke damage restoration services because when the fire department extinguishes the flames hundreds of gallons of water are left mixing with soot and ash. Our water damage Dayton crew members can perform water removal tactics, dry the home, and strip the charred remnants before restoring the home to pristine perfection.

When you call 911 Restoration Miami Valley you are guaranteed to have the best experience in working with a professional water damage Dayton company. When you call for our 24/7 water removal team you will know you are in the best care because we offer:

  • Single point of contact for loss notification
  • Customer service surveys on every job
  • Exceptionally trained IICRC techs
  • Over 60 locations and growing
  • State of the art 24/7 call centers
  • Customer in-field mobile communications
  • GPS guided vehicles for fast response
  • FREE inspection
  • State of the art equipment
  • Uniformed professionals and company identified trucks
  • 24/7 emergency help
  • Quality assurance job reviews
  • Affordable price
  • Works with all insurance companies

No other water damage Dayton company offers community members this kind of service and dedication! Call now and we will even tell you what to do for a pipe burst while our water cleanup professionals are on the way! The preciousness

What Should I do when I have a Pipe Burst?

When you have a pipe burst our water damage Dayton pros stress that shutting off the main water line is the crucial first step to saving your home. Once you have control of the water flow call us and we will be there ready to start pumping water out and initiating restoration techniques in no time. While we are on the way you can start clearing out your furniture and valuables to a dry part of the home to prevent further exposure. Our water damage Dayton experts can restore everything ranging from your cabinets and hardwoods to your carpets and drywall. We will even put your items in storage while we restore your home. Call us without delay and our 911 Restoration Miami Valley team will even file your water damage claim to your insurance company!

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage?

According to research conducted by our water damage Dayton pros through the Insurance Information Institute, water damage disasters are covered by insurance so long as flooding is not the cause. When rain storms flood the crawl space and cause the home’s foundation to shift the homeowner would need a supplemental policy through a private insurer. The same applies if the gutters fail and water runs down the side of the home. On the other hand if ruptured hoses flood your laundry room or a water heater leak creates a mold problem, your policy will likely cover the damage.

When it comes to your home and family you deserve the best water damage restoration company in Dayton that is staffed by true industry professionals certified and highly trained to perform all the other restoration services on the side. It’s easier to kill two birds with one stone than hire multiple companies, and we offer an affordable price on all our services making 911 Restoration and our water damage Dayton team truly the best in the industry. Call now and let us restore your home beyond your wildest dreams!

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